Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus


A look into my simplistic title sequence for the award winning game

I’ve always felt that Shadow of the Colossus could make the most incredible film. The content is there and it would be a spectacle to watch, but with directors dropping and no release date or cast as of yet, my hopes are waining. (though my fingers are still crossed) So I decided to go about creating a title sequence for it. I wanted to mainly focus on the stillness, the peaceful, engulfing environment that you as the character are plunged into.

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I set out to create a beautifully simplistic opening title sequence for one of my all time favourite games from Team Ico; Shadow of the Colossus. Focusing on the environment, which plays a huge role in the title, I wanted to have the viewer feel immersed in the world.


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