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I’m Ben, a 24 year old Motion Graphic Designer living and exploring in central London. In short, I make things move.

From a young age, I have always been driven by traditional art; working through school, painting and drawing were two of my strongest areas, and then into college I headed down the Graphic Design route, looking at becoming a character illustrator. It was during my Art foundation that things changed for me when I discovered the world of Motion Graphics. From there I went and studied Motion Graphics (BA Hons) at Ravensbourne and 5 years later there has been no looking back.

When I’m not moving pixels you can often find me out and about with a camera slung around my neck. I’m a sucker for film photography, I find that so much more can be said in the delicate frame of 35mm negative than in a digital file. There is so much instant gratification in photography today that it feels great to just slow it down and really think about each shot.

I am also an avid skier, I try and get out to the mountains a couple of times a year with a snorkel in search of fresh pow!






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