Amigo; Smarter Shopping – Project Breakdown

Amigo; Smarter Shopping – Project Breakdown

Amigo; Smarter Shopping – Project Breakdown

With Amigo, I set out to solve a problem everybody has; wasting food.

It came from a realisation at how much food we would waste and with that, money we were wasting by throwing food away and unnecessarily buying food we already had. Food is bought, stored and forgotten, then repeated.

I wanted to create the ultimate shopping assistant in the form of a mobile app. This app would contain your shopping lists, favourite recipes, health guides, know what’s in the fridge and cupboard and even guide you around shops.


Amigo wireframe 1


The Name Amigo:

Noun (pl.amigos) N.Amer. informal used to address or refer to a friend, chiefly in Spanish-speaking areas.

“I’ll do my best. Adios, amigo.”

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: Spanish.

I chose the name Amigo as I wanted to create a friendly character that would be there to help with your shopping and eating. It needed to be quick to say, easy to remember and have an approachable persona attached to the name.

The homepage works as a scroll of different categories; Lists, Recipes, Guide, Scanner, Fridge & Cupboard.

Lists – This is where your various shopping lists can be stored. If you’ve got a dinner party coming up, then you make a separate list for that. Doing the weekly shop and there’s a different list for that. The lists sync with one another, so if you bought items for the party in the weekly shop, it would be marked on the according list, meaning no more double purchases.

Recipes – A place to store your favourite meal recipes, whether this be grandma’s famous apple pudding or Heston’s latest wacky meal, it’s all here in one place. You can use the camera on your mobile to snap a picture of recipe pages, which Amigo will translate into ingredients and method sections. From the recipes you can quick add items to your shopping lists.

Guide – The in-store map. I’ve often found myself walking into a big supermarket and walking around gazing at the hanging aisle descriptions, trying to work out where each item that I’m after will be. It isn’t difficult, but it slows down the whole exercise. With Amigo, supermarkets will upload floor maps with each item’s location added to it to be uploaded to the database. As you walk up to your local Sainsburys, as you walk in you can scan the shop map QR and the store guide will be downloaded to your device. Now as you go around the shop, your lists will alter depending on your location, streamlining your shop and making the process as painless as possible. No longer will you be standing wondering where that last item on your list is.

Scanner – Again, making use of your device’s camera, once you’ve gone through your shop, you can scan the unique QR at the bottom of your receipt, which automatically adds everything which you’ve bought to your fridge and cupboard database.

Fridge & Cupboard – These sections are a stored database of the contents of your cupboard. When looking up a recipe, or making a shopping list, your device will show if you already have these items in store and when they’re due to go out of date. This means that no longer will you buying duplicates.

Amigo Cinema 4D scanner

To accompany the mobile device, you can also purchase a fridge model. This is a simplified version of the mobile app, aimed at bringing the recipes and food stored to a bigger screen. Reading a food recipe off a small phone screen can be frustrating, so by bringing a device with the the same interface as the phone, but the ease of the iPad screen together, it will appeal to the older generation, who would prefer a larger screen with bigger writing. The fridge device also comes with a camera, so as you use items, you can scan them out of the fridge as you use them, removing them from the database and if needed, adding them back to another list.

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