Shadow of the Colossus – Project Breakdown

Shadow of the Colossus – Project Breakdown

Shadow of the Colossus – Project Breakdown

Shadow of the Colossus is a game released over 10 years ago now, which I remember reading about as an 11/12 year old boy. I remember the excitement I got and the hype that was building around this new game coming out. When it was released it scored 10/10 ratings across the board and is still charted in top 100 games ever released lists, which shows it’s pretty special for a game without dialogue.

The plot of the game is pretty simple. You play as ‘Wander’ who, with his horse rides alone through this vast land. Nothing in the game is small, the scale is huge. From forests to crevasses, temples to bridges, everything is larger than life. This is because of the inhabitants of the land. These dark lakes and desert plains as far as the eye can see are the home to the giant Colossi. As tall as high rise apartments, Wander’s sole task is to kill these giant beasts in their habitat.

You are never given a reason behind why, it is just what you do. The sheer power and emotion that comes from these huge monsters is overwhelming, as you climb the fur up it’s back and thrust your sword into it’s head. It’s brutal, animalistic. The hunter comes out in you as you play, eager to find the next beast and show it who’s boss. The contrast between the fight and the hunt is huge. When you’re one on one with the Colossus, it’s like a gladiatorial battle. It’s intense and frightening. When you’re out exploring the land, it’s very peaceful, just you and your horse riding the beautiful land, eating fruit, chasing lizards and diving in lakes.

I’ve always felt that this could make the most incredible film. The content is there and it would be a spectacle to watch, but with directors dropping and no release date or cast as of yet, my hopes are waining. (though my fingers are still crossed) So I decided to go about creating a title sequence for it. I wanted to mainly focus on the stillness, the peaceful, engulfing environment that you as the character are plunged into.

Firewatch Sunset

Firewatch Forest

Firewatch Tower

I looked at depth in video games and different art styles, knowing in my head that I wanted this to be quite a 2D, illustrated piece. I studied games like Firewatch and Limbo, both of which have very unique art style. Firewatch brings the depth and put you as the character, in the middle of this beautiful world. Limbo shows us a minimal 2D world, with little colour and simple shapes. I wanted to combine the idea behind both of these.

Limbo Hotel


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